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Reading project


Reading project

Hello everybody,

I am thinking of a reading project for grade three students to enhance their reading skills and increase their vocabulary. I want to do this via reading stories, but this is my first year to teach a primary cycle and I don �t know how I can carry out this project in an interesting and fruitful way. So, I need your creative ideas about applying this project especially from those teaching primary stage. I hope my students enjoy it, so that I can achieve my objectives.  I would be grateful if you recommend names for simple and easy stories to start with as my students have never been exposed to such materials before and also if you know some useful and helpful websites.

 Thanks in advance.

26 Dec 2011      


Hi Aaisha!
Try these links please:
hope this helps.Thumbs Up

26 Dec 2011     


 Thanks a lot ascincoquinas  for the websites ,they are really useful ,but i  still need some ideas about how i can carry out a reading project through reading stories so that students enjoy and benefit at the same time.Confused

26 Dec 2011     


You could choose readings which focus on a particlar sound, or particular vocabulary.
Here �s an example with sounds: ch, sh and th
On this page Click on

27 Dec 2011     


I remember so time ago, our English Foreign language teachers had a workshop on this topic and they worked with short stories with illustrations projected on a power point presentation and they read the story to the kids, and during the reading they made different kinds of activities so as not to lose the kids �attention. One activity I remember the most was teaching them one particular word and while the teacher was reading the story, if the students hear that particular word, they had to stand up, so as a result, they will pay more attention to the story.

30 Dec 2011