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hi good friends i �m looking for an introduction to a lesson about a/an. something inductive-from an example to the rule. thank you all for being here.

3 Jan 2012      


You can use cards with phrases in which the indefinite article is highlighted (a hat - an apple - a television- etc) and you can ask your students to group them according to what the cards have in common. Once they have done this elicit what the phrases have in common (a - an) and list them in two columns. Then focus their attention to the word that follows the article so that they can infer the rule.

3 Jan 2012     

Czech Republic

Make a list of easy words beginning with wovels: an apple, an antelope,  an elephant, an egg, an ibis, an introduction, an onion, an orange, an umbrella... (you may try to make flashcards or draw pics on the board)
(an honest person)

Make a list of words beginning with consonants: a banana, a cat, a dog, a fridge, a giraffe, a house, a jacket, a kitchen, a lollypop, a monkey, a newspaper, a pen, a queue, a ring, a song, a t-shirt, a vet, a wallet, a xylophone, a yacht, a zebra.

IF your kids know what consonants and wovels are, they will figure out.
You can ask them to write the words in ABC list and write the "an" words in red. Then it should be really clear...

(beware of (an honest person), a university, a union, a user, a useful thing - explain later)

3 Jan 2012     

class centre

Hi there! When I want to introduce  a new grammar point this way, I smile with only my eyes and say - you know, I don �t know ( I forgot) how to explain the rule ( or I forgot the rule). The sts know that I �m kidding but they catch the ball and try to deduct the rule from what they see on the board. It adds a lot of fun and interest to the grammar learning. Try it and you �ll see they will be happy to think and understand that rule. And once they invented the explanation, it will for ever be theirs. Good luck! 

3 Jan 2012     


Hello, dear Adva! When I taught this topic, First I explained on the board the rulef for using A and An with several examples. Then, I played a game with them. I have found that kids learn better when they do hands on activities and obviously when they have fun. they seem to remember more like this.

I made some flashcards. I made 4 larger ones, 2 for the word "A"  and 2 for "An" ... I pasted them on a wall making two columns, one with A and one with An and a little further the same.  Then I made more flashcards, 2 sets of 20. each set contained words both starting with vowels and with consonants.
I then divided the group into 2 teams, and placed a table in front of each team. they lined up at the rear of the classroom and the table in the middle, between the team and the wall. what they had to do is, the first ss from each team, had to hop on one foot, to the table, then to the wall and place the card in the column it belonged. he had to  hop back to his team, high-five the next player who had to to the same. they could not put their foot down, or they had to go back to the beginning of the line and start over again. the first team who had the most correct words under the correct column, won a sticker or some kind of prize.
My ss really liked this game, and it served as review for this topic.
Hope this idea helps you!

3 Jan 2012