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Hi everybody

What do you think what is the 4th choice for each of the following answers ,I want the grammatically correct as well :

 1- The���.........���������..��  planet takes the longest time to go around the sun.

          a) far                    b) farther                c) ?                          d) farthest
  2- Let�s walk ���.........���������..��  .                                   

          a) quick                b) quickly                c) quickest                d) ?
  3- My cat ���.........���������..��  pretty eyes .                         

          a) has got         b) have got              c) ?                       d) have

                                       thanks in advanceEmbarrassed

7 Jan 2012      


I think : 1/ Furthest 2/ quicker (than this)  3 / has
Let �s wait for other colleagues � answer.
Have a nice week.

7 Jan 2012     


1 - furhest
2 - more quickly (faster)
3 - has ( also hasn �t got )

7 Jan 2012     


1 furthest
2 quicker
3 has
hope this is of some help

7 Jan 2012     


I am not sure what you are asking for here as some of these sentences could be ok with more than one of the options depending on what you are trying to say!

In the first example all options could in theory work.
1. the far planet.... here you are identifying the planet that takes longest to go around the sun as opposed to any other planet.

2. the father planet... implies a comparison. This could also be spelt further - I think there is a USA/GB spelling issue here - I am from GB and prefer the latter ( I had to check on Dictionary.com that father was correct!)

3. The farthest/furthest... again comparison, but here also identification.

So you either need a fourth that also fits too here or you need to alter this question :-)

In the second example the same applies, although you would have to add a comma to the first sentence - Let �s walk, quick. However, the sentence �lets walk quickest � is a little odd!

The final question presents some answers that are grammatically incorrect.

My cat has (got) pretty eyes -you could put it in the past tense - my cat had (got) pretty eyes.

You cannot use have as you have identified one particular cat - so you would either have to add an s making the verb take the plural - My cats have.... or drop the pronoun My, thus stating that all cats have pretty eyes.

I am not sure if I have helped you here... Sorry :-(

8 Jan 2012