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Using Youtube-videos...


Using Youtube-videos...
Dear colleagues,

I am currently using the material "Muzzy in Gondoland" with my 4th graders - I love it, and so do they! : )

I īm also teaching 5th grade and 6th grade, and my question is if any of you know of something similar for s older pupils. I know about "Muzzy comes back", but that īs for 4th graders too, right?

I would love to find videos or preferrably a series of videos (on youtube?) which I could use. I would make my own worksheets, wordlists and pictionaries etc.; I just need something which would catch the pupils ī attention.

Any ideas?

: ) Karina

8 Jan 2012      


Here are the videos about Britain I like to use in class  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKzD9fAyD_Y&feature=related (if you look at the links on your right you īll find more)
I īm not sure if this is what you īre looking for...
If you like animated series, The Berenstain Bears is a good one, but it īs American English. Check it yourself:

8 Jan 2012     


For Sophia (uslteacher)

I am having a look at the videos about Britain you recommended Karina and, in my opinion, they īre great. They fully suit my needs so I really thank you for the link. I can see it is a series of 8 videos that include corresponding worksheets ....and my question is.......
Have you got those worksheets? or
Do you know if or where I can download them? It would be fab to have them.

Thank you very much dear friend for your kindness!

8 Jan 2012     


Girls, girls!
The uploader has included links for the worksheets under his videos Wink
Just read the full description!

8 Jan 2012     


hello ueslteacher , could u send me the ws u have about MEDIA IN BRITAIN TOO?

Thanks a lot

[email protected]

8 Jan 2012     


Thanks Katerina! I absolutely forgot! How clever of you point out:)!!!!
@ starrr :  The site īs policy:
Do not publish your email, telephone number or address in the forum. Anybody could see it. It is not safe. 

8 Jan 2012     

Olindalima ( F )

Thanks Sophia, wonderfujl, both of the links.


8 Jan 2012     


Sophia, Thanks so much for the wonderful videos,

8 Jan 2012     


Hi Karina,
I once did a topic on COWBOYS (popular with the boys). I have linked to two of my wss here and a youtube video I used:



There are more editions of the Pecos Bill story on Youtube. Maybe you like one of the others better.
Hope you can use it -at least as inspiration!
(I think I have some wss with tasks, too. I am not sure I uploaded them.)

8 Jan 2012     


Wheeee, thanks so much, wonderful people! Am off to bed now, but can īt wait to look at all of your ideas tomorrow.

Thumbs Up Karina

8 Jan 2012