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A Data-Show based lesson:


A Data-Show based lesson:
Hi, everybody!
I need some help...

I would appreciate it if you help me with some advice and guidence about how to implement a lesson using the data show/ video projecteur with beginner students aged 10_14.

It`s the first time that I plan for this technology-based lesson. That`s why,I am finding it difficult to find the suitable material for that type of lesson.

Please, which type of material should I use?
           what is the right lesson plan?
           Which sites should I refer to in order to get downloadable videos or songs?
Thanks in advance for your time and help.

14 Jan 2012      


You could use ppt slides/ ppt games to introduce/review/practice vocabulary.
You could use song video clips for relaxation or physical activity.
When selecting a video (from youtube, national geographic, etc.) keep in mind that it has to fit in the general topic of your lesson, it has to be of the same level of language as your ss and you have to have pre- , while- and post-watching activities to go with it.

People would be able to help you more if you could specify the topic of your lesson, whether or not you are going to use a smartboard, the Internet, and what grammar points you would like to focus on.


14 Jan 2012     


Thanks a lot dear collegue.

I do appreciate it a lot.

It`s become a bit clearer in my mind.

14 Jan 2012