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ESL forum > Teaching material > New Grammarman comic now online    

New Grammarman comic now online


New Grammarman comic now online
Hi Teachers

I īve just added a new comic to my site. īCitadel of Snakes ī is a 10 page adventure and a follow up story to īThe Hole ī.

The comic has a series of puzzles for the reader to solve, so it will hopefully be an engaging reading experience for students.

Hope you enjoy it. Stay vigilante, because bad grammar is EVERYWHERE!


18 Jan 2012      

United States

Thanks for sharing.  However, you might recommend we stay "vigilant," meaning watchful, not "vigilante."  A vigilante is a person who takes revenge on others in a violent fashion, as payback for a perceived wrong, insult or hurt.  I don īt think Grammarman is promoting such activities, is he?

Zoe Morosini

18 Jan 2012     


Couldn īt that misspelling have been made on purpose:) Don īt you see some connection with bad grammar, Zoe?

18 Jan 2012     


Zoe! That īs exactly what I īm talking about!

I was so intent on stressing the importance of being on the alert - that I misspelled vigilant.

Well spotted! We need more people like you in Verbo City :)

18 Jan 2012