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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > simulation vs role play    

simulation vs role play


simulation vs role play
I would be grateful if someone could post an accurate link to disambiguate the difference . Thank you in advance.

26 Jan 2012      


Have you tried Wikipedia?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation
I consulted them when I had to present a role-play (we call it business game) game as part of the Teacher of the Year contest in my city.

26 Jan 2012     


Hi Sophia and I appreciate your help.
It īs just that at the seminar I īm attending, they told us not to rely on wikipedia as a reliable source of information.
To be honest I have found it very useful so far.
Thanks, anyway.

26 Jan 2012     


Yeah, I know, I īve heard it from my professor as well during an in-service training session and it was motivated by the fact that wikipedia is an open resource and anyone can contribute the information and that is supposed to mean that it is faulty. The thing is that such reliable sources as Encyclopedia Britannica aren īt free, so not everyone can afford it, I guess.
If thatīs not an option for you than just google those items and see if you can find some article or book on that.
Maybe this will help:  http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/forum-topic/simulation-method  scroll down for the answers.

26 Jan 2012     


No difference here :

But :
Think of role play (or "RPG īs", role playing games) as a game or activity 
where you play as a specific person or character that interacts with both 
the environment of the game as well as other players. Games like Halo for 
example, are where you play a specific character. Games like Dungeons and 
Dragons too, are also role playing games. 

A simulation on the other hand, is not necessarily Character driven. They try 
to be as realistic as possible. They can be games, but are also used to train 
people in a variety of fields. Simulations are usually much more realistic than RPG īs.

26 Jan 2012     

United States

Simulation can be on a computer and not even involve people.  Role-play is only acting by people.

27 Jan 2012