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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Help!!! promote my students or not?    

Help!!! promote my students or not?


Help!!! promote my students or not?
Please dear colleagues, I need your help. See, I īve been working as a private teacher of English for a few years now, and I īm finding some difficulties with students that come to class but don īt study or like English so we get really stuck with the coursebooks (we cannot finish them or at least see as much as we should) and I see they cannot promote to the following year but at the same time feel that it īs my fault as well. dont know what to do...please I need ideas, advice...

31 Jan 2012      


Hello, Marian, the key to solve your problem is motivation. You haven īt mentioned the number of students you have in your class, nor their level of communication. I think that you should try to evaluate them first through different activities, in different ways.
For example, never start each class the same way or with the same activity, try to open the door, write a word on the board and to tell them what they think of it, e.g. procrastination, which is the art to postpone saying things through different techniques. if their level is lower, try with " laptop " , if they don īt participate at random, call 6 or 8 to the front and start telling them to use the word in a statement or sentence.

Working in small groups is even better, because you can find the main problem, they donīt know why they study or they feel they are doing something that is worthless, when I have to teach teenagers, the biggest point is to reach to the point in which they share their doubts with you, you need icebreakers, games, activities that motivate them to speak, I usually send activities and the way to use them, at least 2 - 3 ideas.

Use pair work sometimes, or organize debates in class, using powerpoints or handouts.
ESLprintables is the place where you can find fantastic ideas, I have learned a lot and added my own tricks to the people here. I know I haven īt discovered the dry coke, but I think that the lack of communication between teacher and students can be eliminated if the teacher tries his/her best to promote it.

I hope my words  can  help you. ( I love Bs As! )  

Antonio, Lima - Perų

31 Jan 2012     

Mariethe House

Wow, Antonio! What a great list of ideas!

Marian, Here are some more, generally speaking, at busyteacher.org


If you type: motivation in the window at the top of the home page, you will find lots of activities and worksheets!
ADon īt get discouraged: we all go through times like thatSmile

31 Jan 2012     


thanks Antonio and Mariethe!!!

7 Feb 2012