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Grammar Inspection


Grammar Inspection
Sorry for my bad language and grammar, but I need these sentences to be corrected:

1. �Peep�Peep�� she turned back and saw her father�s limousine pulled over next to her side.

The daughter was walking on the sidewalk and the father stopped his car.

2. Her father extended his hand out and offered her a blue umbrella.

I �m trying to say that the father was in a car and he took an umbrella out to give it to his daughter who was on the sidewalk. 

Please state the more appropriate way of expressing the meaning, I don �t like these sentences and I think they are incorrect. Thanks in advance.



9 Feb 2012      

United States

Hi Sirhajwan,

I would say that the father stuck his hand out the window and offered her his blue umbrella.

Also, the first sentence:

A car �s honk is "beep" rather than "peep" (which is what chicks - baby chickens - do).

I would say "pulled over alongside."

9 Feb 2012     


�Beep�beep�!�   she turned around to see her father pull over  his limousine by the sidewalk.

He offered her a blue umbrella. 

i hope these 2 lines help u.

9 Feb 2012     


I �d say it this way:
1. Beep! Beep! She turned round and saw her father �s limousine pull in to the kerb. 
or   over to the side of the road.
1. Beep! Beep! She looked back and saw that her father �s limousine had pulled in to the kerb.

She turned round or she looked back.  To turn back means to stop and go back the way you came.
2. Her father extended his hand out of the window and offered her a blue umbrella.

Her father reached out and offered her a blue umbrella.

9 Feb 2012     

United States

Beep!  Beep!
She looked back and saw that her father �s limousine had pulled over to the kerb.

You don �t pull onto a kerb  - you pull over to the kerb.

9 Feb 2012     

United States

In US English it is spelled "curb"

9 Feb 2012     


Here are my thoughts:

�Beep�Beep�� she [looked back]  or  [turned around]  and saw her father�s limousine [had pulled over] or  [pull over alongside her]  or  [drive up alongside her]  or  [pull over to the kerb].

Her father [wound down the window] and offered her a blue umbrella.

P.S.  I never knew curb was the US equivalent Douglas.  Interesting.
P.P.S.  In British English you can say pull over to the kerb and pull in to the kerb.  Both are correct.  But like LB said, you do not pull onto a kerb

9 Feb 2012