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reported printable


reported printable
hi guys!

I know my WS will be reviewed soon by by the moderators and that it gives them quite an amount of work but I just wanted to add a few precisions and I didn īt know where I could do it so, here i am Embarrassed

so, I designed my WS yesterday evening right from scratch : I draw a rough version on a piece of paper and then type it then send it.

I know it īs not exactly what you would call a teaching resource stricto sensu but I find very useful to have things to help me being organized and I thought some other teachers here could feel the same, here īs the reason why I decided to share, just like some others shared calendars for instance : it īs not a teaching document but it is very useful in the classroom, I really did not feel like I breached the rules but I may be wrong, if so, do please accept my apologies

here īs my twopence contribution
take care

9 Feb 2012      

Mariethe House

You are not really breakng rules but you can īt really say it is an ESL resource. Could help teachers eventually but what we are supposed to do is make ws to help kids and adults learn English.How could you improve it? Maybe it could be integrated to a ws on obligation and given as an exercise for learners to practice? Well just an idea, Peggy Sue!Big smile

9 Feb 2012     


Hi Peggy
As long as it is useful for you is all that really counts.
Alas, it is not considered an ESL resource as it does not include an activity nor is it a lesson plan.  You can see examples of acceptable resources here
Maybe you can upload it to a general teaching site or an ESL site that accepts teacher īs resources.

9 Feb 2012     

Czech Republic

Dear Peggy,
I am sure your document is useful for you and might be useful for other teachers. However it doesn īt meet the rules.
You may add an exercise or reading + comprehension questions or something like that on page two or you can upload the document for free in the   Tutorials    Templates  section.
The documents in the templates section do not need to follow any rules and you may upload any original material for teachers you find useful to share with others.

9 Feb 2012