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in or at

sweet hannah

in or at
Dear teachers,

Can yo help me fill in the right preposition ?

My mum is (in / at) the shop.


9 Feb 2012      

Czech Republic

in the shop = inside the shop
at the shop = near the shop / inside the shop

9 Feb 2012     

United States

moravc is absolutely correct!

9 Feb 2012     

United States

Yes, both, as moravc said, but I would like to explain it a little more.
If the child is standing outside, he might say "My mum is in the shop". We use "in" here, because we are specifying that she is physically inside the shop.
If the child is at home, he might say "My mum is at the shop". We use "at" here, because a person in a different location isn �t really concerned with whether Mum is inside the building or not, just where she is (as opposed to home).
I hope this is clear.

9 Feb 2012     


dear sweet

according to my opinion both of them are grammatically correct there is a little difference between them..

my mother is in the shop = means my mother is inside the shop.

my mother is at the shop = means my mother is around the shop.

10 Feb 2012     

United States

I disagree, noeneo. "At the shop" includes "in the shop." Bruce and moravc are correct.

10 Feb 2012     

David Lisgo

"my mother is in the shop" speaks of location
"my mother is at the shop" speaks of location and suggests an action ie shopping.
Try substituting "shop" with �theatre � for it to be clearer.

10 Feb 2012     


You know that the preposition "at" is, often, used for location in the city..so, you can say "at the shop ... (the store a, b, c) " when you giving information about a person who is inside or nearby...but, "in the store" is MORE SPECIFIC and indicates that you know the person is for sure INSIDE the store...that�s my view.


10 Feb 2012     

Costa Rica

It is correct in the two ways

10 Feb 2012