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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Do yoga or practise yoga?    

Do yoga or practise yoga?

United Kingdom

Do yoga or practise yoga?
Hi All

I would always collocate "do" with yoga but is "practise" valid too?

As the Spanish use the word "practicar" with sports they tend to rely on this direct translation

And another question:

 L1 interference is when your first language interferes with learning a second language, is there a term for the other way round, ie. your second language starts making you doubt your first one, coz I �ve got it bad!!!

a very sleepy Colibrita

16 Feb 2012      

United States

Yes, either word works with yoga.
Maybe L2 interference? I learned English grammar much better when I studied German, because of the many similarities.

16 Feb 2012     

United States

If "L2 interference" is not a term already, it should be.  I can fully empathize with Colibrita--spending most of my non-classroom time speaking L2 definitely affetcs my L1.

17 Feb 2012