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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Jolly Phonics    

Jolly Phonics


Jolly Phonics

Hello everybody, I have just heard about this method and I want to know:

Have you ever used Jolly Phonics with your own students? What were the consequences, positive and negative sides of it?

Is it still a common method in your countries to teach English as a foreign language or is it just considered a method for native speakers? 

If you had any kind of experience with it, please share!!!

Thanks  Wink

25 Feb 2012      

United Kingdom

i have never used it personally but a lot of primary school do use jolly phonics. it is meant to be quite good

26 Feb 2012     


Hi there,
We use Jolly Phonics with the youngest students in our school (4-6 years old). I also used them when I taught this age group in the past.
It works really well with the native speakers AND ESL learners. It would help if you had all or at least most of the resources in the pack - books, CDs, CDRs, flashcards, soft toys, etc. But you can also make your own flashcards if you need.
I like the order of introducing the phonics, kids also love the songs and remember the sounds very well. This method is surely a good way to teach to read, however I know some teachers question it, but it worked for me :)
You can check out www.tes.co.uk In the search bar type resources, then Jolly phonics. There are lots of resources there, including mine. The subscription is free.
Good luck :))

26 Feb 2012     


Thanks for sharing!! 
It īs not that I īm planning to use it soon, in fact I still don īt know what age I īll be teaching this year but I thought it could be interesting and I want to start learning about it, at least to be prepared in case I want to give it a try.
I īll definitely check out the website izulia.
Thanks again, have a nice week ;)

27 Feb 2012