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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > go up vs go down this street    

go up vs go down this street


go up vs go down this street
Can you please tell me what �s the difference between go up and go down in the context of giving directions? Is it just about topography or is there something else?

27 Feb 2012      


I would say the difference lies in this:
does the street take a glide up or a glide down?

28 Feb 2012     

United States

Actually, there �s no difference. It is somewhat a regional thing, and a personal preference.

28 Feb 2012     


We usually go down to a place that is South and up to a place that is North of us.

But we can also go up to a higher place (in the mountains) or down to the town in the valley.
Some people go up to town and some go down to town. It �s  up the street, or down the street.
The choice is regional, and it is a personal preference as Bruce said, but there is usually a logical reason why.

28 Feb 2012     


I would say ....Go along this street. you can �t say no mater where you live in England we are going down/up to Cambridge next week why, because it �s grammatically wrong.
We was told to say I �m going over to or to Cambridge next week. Same applies to this rule.

So along would be the right word to say in this sentence. 


28 Feb 2012