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ESL forum > Teaching material > ADVERTS / COMMERCIALS as a source of English    

ADVERTS / COMMERCIALS as a source of English

Czech Republic

ADVERTS / COMMERCIALS as a source of English
I would like to ask my colleagues for some useful tips on easy-to-understand adverts / commercials in English that could be used on EFL lessons. I mean the ones that are easily accessible on Youtube. On our TV we often have adverts by foreigner coompanies that used English only and students like to use words and phrases from them. Thanks for your suggestions! Ivana.

6 Mar 2012      


Hi Ivanabu!

I have used bith videos and ads to raise discussion in class about that topic.

You could use "blunder advertising", but you must choose the images carefully according to your ss age.

there are also many videos, such as this one:


6 Mar 2012     

United States

My favorite commercial, which you can find on Youtube is:

Coca Cola Zero.

A young guy (the hero) comes in a store and meets his ex-girlfriend.
Her new boyfriend comes into the picture and he īs tall.
Here you can talk about camera angles.

The hero takes a drink of the coke - and along comes a hot babe! (his new girlfriend)
She īs very  cool because she īs tall, blond,sexy,  wears high-heels and- she īs hot because she speaks with a British accent.
Here you can talk about values, clothes, the music etc.

The British babe asks him if he wants whipped cream or chocolate sauce.  (sexual undertones)

Then the roof opens up and he and his new girl fly off into the night. (James Bond) (showing how much more exciting his life is now) Life as it should be. 
Here you can talk about slogans

You can talk about body language and much more!
Sorry if this isn īt what you were looking for - but it īs fun to analyze these commercials.


6 Mar 2012     

Czech Republic

Thanks a lot, I am going to go through them. Have a nice day!

7 Mar 2012