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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > will probably be or will be probably?    

will probably be or will be probably?


will probably be or will be probably?
Hello there!

I�ve got a question that I am sure you can help me to solve.

Are both options correct from the grammatical point of view?

Mary will be probably at home
Mary will probably be at home

Thanks in advance

6 Mar 2012      

United States

I don �t know about the first one, but I always use the second sentence:

Mary will probably be at home (all night)

6 Mar 2012     


Hi there!

I have been taught the following rules in a simple way:

noun + adverb + verb  ex: I always drive carefully

noun + verb to be + adverb ex: I am always on time to work.

Noun + auxiliar + adverb + main verb ex: I will probably be late for the party.

hope this helps.

6 Mar 2012     


A native speaker would say:
Mary will probably be at home
or to change the emphasis:
Mary probably will be at home by now.
Never your first sentence.
�be at home � is a phrase which is best not divided by the adverb.
I will probably walk to school tomorrow.
I will walk probably to school tomorrow.
Here it is the phrase �walk to school � that sounds wrong if divided by the adverb.
ascincoquinas has given the rules for word order.

6 Mar 2012     


Thanks a million!!. You have been really helpful.

6 Mar 2012     


This will probably be of help too: http://www.blogs.english4today.com/?p=19

7 Mar 2012