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Online Exercises


Online Exercises

Dear teachers,

                         How can i save the online exercises in a file to be used easily in class.
Best wishes

8 Mar 2012      


Unfortunately, there ´s no way to do that:( It ´s called online bc you have to have an Internet connection to use it.
Maybe some computer genius out there somewhere knows how to trick the system...

8 Mar 2012     


you might use the "screen screen"on the keyboard of your computer to save what appears on the screen as a picture. This may be enough for some exercises. But of course you won ´t have all the "interactive" bits that make these exercises so much more attractive than paper.

good luck

8 Mar 2012     

Czech Republic

You can copy - paste the text into a blank Word document, but you will have to edit it a bit. There will be no multiple choices. You will have to add all necessary choices...

Example : He has relevant education. He  relevant education.
The original OE contained a multiple choice of "had, could, was, were"

So copy-paste is suitable for gap fills, some multiple choice exercises where the gap is quite obvious or wordsearch or true/false exercises or matching exercises (pic + phrase)...

You may add the multiple choice at the end of each sentence or give a list of possible words at the beginning of the exercise.
He has relevant education. He .................. relevant education. (had, could, was, were)

Fill in this exercise with verbs in past simple: be, can, have, think.
He has relevant education. He ................... relevant education.

Alla´s original OE: http://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=7757

BTW most OEs are suitable as HOMEWORK. Your students may try them at home and you revise it the following lesson...

8 Mar 2012