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Hi guys!
I was wondering if you could help me with something. We usually say �
It was a pleasure DOING BUSINESS with you! �
but can we also say
�It was a pleasure TO DO BUSINESS with you! �
or is this totally wrong?
Thanks in advance!

12 Mar 2012      

United States

Grammatically you can say it, but it won �t sound quite natural. Remember that the continuous tenses emphasize the process of the verb, so "It was a pleasure doing business with you" lets the customer know that the whole experience was a pleasure. If you use the infinitive, it implies that only the business (the money) was a pleasure, so it doesn �t quite give the right impression.

12 Mar 2012     

United States

Bruce, I agree with you but sometimes "it was a pleasure to do business with you" if both parties benefit financially.  I know, I have heard and used it many times.  Sometimes, we don �t always walk away as friend but we may walk away feeling good about about the deal we have struck.

12 Mar 2012     


Thank you soooooo much! ;-)

12 Mar 2012