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First Lesson With Adults

Russian Federation

First Lesson With Adults
Hello, fellow-teachers!!!
Happy New Year to you and your families!
I would like to receive a piece of advice from you)). I am going to start working in an on-line school. And the rule there is to give a  trial lesson.  I am a complete beginner in such things, I am working mostly with kids ( I mean offline). the hostess of the school says that there is no difference between on-line and off-line first lessons. But, frankly speaking, I haven�t got any experience in giving first trial lessons at all!I mean I am working with kids but it is different!
Please could you give me some suggestions? how do you start your lessons?
thanx in advance!!

3 Jan 2009      

New Zealand

Can you please let me know how it works out? I have been approached to do the same but it means me setting up the program and everything. So far I am thinking not to do it and just focus on adult groups in class. It must be completely different from a class situation as   are you using headphones for example or are you also using a cam? Without a cam it would be so hard to conduct a lesson on listening alone without any facial expressions and body language. How is your school going to set this up and what are they providing you with? What are you expected to do with what level of students?
WOW, let me know what happens! I am really interested!

3 Jan 2009     


Hi, and happy new year to everybody. I�ve done a lot of online teaching and have even had classes of 8 students, all of different nationalities. It worked just fine and it wasn�t necessary to use cam. My trick was to prepare the class really well and create a website to upload readings, exercises etc. It was hard work but really rewarding. The classes were conducted with all students �present� and everybody could hear me and I them. For some of them it was the small hours of the morning because of time differences, but their enthusiasm was magical and it really worked. They even had �homework�.!!

3 Jan 2009