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ESL forum > Teaching material > HELP!! Hungry Puppy ate my reader!!!!    

HELP!! Hungry Puppy ate my reader!!!!


HELP!! Hungry Puppy ate my reader!!!!
hi everyone! as silly as it may sound, my puppy thought it would be nice to chew on some of my books... unluckily, he tore apart (and is currently digesting...) the exercise section of the MacMillan�s Elementary Level "The Hound of the Baskervilles"... I was able to download the answers from the official web page and recreate most of them but there was an interesting exercise about logic I couldn �t make out, could anybody scan it and send it to me via e-mail (I �ll submit my address to anybody ansering affirmatively)? thanks a bunch!!!!!

21 Mar 2012      

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Nadia

Sorry I can �t help you, but your post reminded me of a very popular joke. It goes like this:
Teacher: Can I see your homework, Tim?
Student: Sorry, I don �t have it.
Teacher: Why not?
Student: My puppy ate it last night.

Lol, hope someone will help you soon.


21 Mar 2012     


Have a look here:
Hope it helps.
Ana Isabel

21 Mar 2012     

Catalina Sorina

Well, Olinda dear, it actually happened to me when I was in the third grade... he ate my Science/Biology homework (well he tore the whole workbook to pieces and ate some pages :))))
well, imagine me having to explain this to my unbelieving teacher LOL
PS. It �s not the dog in myavatar photo

21 Mar 2012     

United Kingdom

My cat peed on my school bag and I went into school as normal with this horrible smelling bag. Well, I was only 46 at the time...

21 Mar 2012     


This is so funny!!! Hilarious! hahahah

21 Mar 2012