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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Songs for 13/14-year-old pupils    

Songs for 13/14-year-old pupils


Songs for 13/14-year-old pupils
What songs (pop songs) should I teach 13/14-year-old pupils?
First we would learn the songs, listening to them, and doing some activities with them (gap-filling and so on), then we would do karaoke in groups of 3/4 pupils. They are pre-intermediate and intermediate learners (most of them are pre-intermediate).
What other activities would you suggest to me  to make learning songs more entartaining/attractive?
Thank you very much in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Mar 2012      


Do you know that website? lyricstrainig.com

25 Mar 2012     


take a look here:

25 Mar 2012     

[email protected]

My students LOVE Friday afternoon singing.  I let them submit requests to me so I don �t have to try and choose songs I think they �ll like.  Of course a lot of the songs they choose may have inappropriate language, themes or are just too hard to understand so I just explain why that song wasn �t chosen. I have found songs chosen by other students get a much more enthusiastic response than the ones I choose and it �s easier for me too.  After we have filled in the blank words and practiced a few times we have a competition with 1/2 the class versus the other, dividing it differently each week (i.e. girls vs boys, 8 tallest vs 8 shortest, etc) My class is really competitive so they love the last bit. Have fun!

26 Mar 2012     


Lemon Tree by Fool �s garden is a great one for all ages. 
I �m an Englishman in Newyork by Sting is also good.
They have clean and understandable language for classroom use

17 Oct 2013