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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Games for warm ups    

Games for warm ups

Costa Rica

Games for warm ups
Hello colleagues. Can somebody help me please? I �m running out of ideas for warm-up games. I need some kind of game that does not require to print anything out, something that will take like 10 minutes. The topic is Sports and Pastimes, and they are beginners. Thanks in advance for any ideas! :-)

6 Apr 2012      


Hi there!
I �m sure you can adapt some games elaborated by members of this site, using Data show and eliciting answers from your students.
Not only they will feel motivated by paying attention to screen but will also "forget" they are actually developing speaking skills.
hope this helps

6 Apr 2012     


Hi Paul,

this one is really easy and needs no preparation:

One of your students has to leave the classroom for a moment, you tell the other students  the name of a "celebrity" (e.g. Batman, Boris Becker, Flipper, Dumbo etc.).
Your student comes back to the classroom and each of the others has to give one hint.
Example: Flipper
- You were a TV-Star
- You can swim
- Children loved you    ... etc.

This way, everybody must say something. When the student has found out the name, the next one has to leave the room. Have fun!

Happy Easter!

6 Apr 2012     

United Kingdom

Charades? You just need write the sports on little cards, or whisper in the ear of the student whose turn it is. 

7 Apr 2012     


A quick way to learn their names or to get to know ss better is to get them to say their name and with the first letter of their name they choose something they like doing �a past time � to fit that. For example my name is Shirley and I like Shopping. The next student starts with "Your name is Shirley you like Shopping, My Name is John I like Joking" this then builds up in a chain form around the class. 

7 Apr 2012     


What about and idea I always use. I named it "The secret object".

You just need a plastic or paper bag and an object related to sports. After you tell your students about the class object and you write on the board the "menu"(things to learn) for the class, you show them the paper bag. They have to guess what �s inside. They can ask you questions and you can give them clues. It �s also a good idea to give a reward to the one who guesses what it �s inside. 

Hope you use it!!! let me know how it goes.


7 Apr 2012     


My students love this activity, no matter what the level is.

You write a sentence promp like this: 
I always go to the gym and play....
S1 says: I always go to the gym and play basketball.
S2: I always go to the gym and play basketball and football.
s3: I always go to the gym and play basketball and football and tennis... and so on, each student adds 1 word to the sentence.

It �s kind of a memory game and you can revise vocabulary at the same time, until they run out of it. Smile

9 Apr 2012