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Hi dear colleagues!
I ´m looking for an easy oral comprehension (A2) to start a lesson on the comparatives. I couldn ´t find anything satisfying in my Cds so far and I was hoping someone may help here. Any ideas?
Thanks very much and... happy Easter to you all!

8 Apr 2012      


Hi Audrey!

May be you can take a look here:

8 Apr 2012     

Czech Republic

I would say it is good to use animal picture flashcards for introducing this grammar.
turtle x lion - Turtles are slower than lions. Cheetahs are the fastest animals.
Animal  ADJECTIVE LIST - big, small, tiny, little, great, tall, strong, weak, heavy, light, clever, smart, stupid, funny, interesting, boring, long, short, spotted, striped, colourful, dangerous, harmless, domesticated,  useful, friendly, aggressive,attacking, untamed, annoying, scary, smelly, slow, fast, happy, sad, weird, unusual, ugly, nice, fat, slim, curly (tail), straight, round (ears/ eyes), pointed (ears), good, bad, hungry, thirsty, beautiful, ugly, naughty, clumsy,  brave, cowardly, cute, loyal, energetic, lazy, quiet, noisy, shy, curious, sleepy, soft, hard, hairy,  cunning, hooked (beak), bushy (tail), thick (fur),  sharp (spines), furry,  fluffy, bright (eyes), flightless (birds), timid, sticky (tongue),

Or you can use famous characters - I made comparative/superlative flashcards for Harry Potter fans:
150 Comparatives Superlatives, Intensifiers

8 Apr 2012