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ESL forum > Teaching material > NEED ADVICE for a new coursebook for Adults    

NEED ADVICE for a new coursebook for Adults


NEED ADVICE for a new coursebook for Adults
Dear ESL Printables community,

I need some help choosing a new book for a student of mine with an intermediate level of English who has remained intermediate for too long!

He needs lots of practice in the Listening skill, because that is what he struggles with most...and also something interactive and fast-paced (maybe with a cd-rom with videos or anything that means extra listening practice)

There are so many choices in the market that I don īt really know which book to choose. I have been looking at some, but I would really love it if you could give me some piece of advice on which book to choose, maybe you use a book like this with your adult sts?

PLEASE HELP!!!!!! =)


9 Apr 2012      

[email protected]


May I suggest something for the intermediate listener?

I live and teach in Japan, and my girlfriend is also an intermediate level listener.
I showed her these videos of an old animated TV program that I watched as a child in Britain in the 1970s.

The program is called Mr. Benn, the narration is about intermediate level vocabulary-wise, but is in nice clear fairly slow British English.

Here is a link to one episode. Once the page opens, you can easily see more.
I used a tool to download the 15 available videos and save them as "*.avi" files.
If you do the same, you can easily get subtitles for them and in my own opinion this is good for int ī level listeners. Plus, it is (again in my own opinion) a nice program to watch for about 14 minutes, before you then do the rest of the class based on it

I hope this helps you......


9 Apr 2012     

United Kingdom

I would suggest Headway for intermediate level...
there is also a CD along with this book and is very nice one. There are texts and exercises which required to be listened.
With  my students I practice from Headway and they really enjoy it.

I hope you will make your choice :)

9 Apr 2012     


I would like to recommend the following site: http://www.esl-lab.com/. There are listening comprehension exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners of English. The site is appropriate for self-studying, too. I also recommend New Headway, Intermediate.
Best wishes,

9 Apr 2012     

Czech Republic

New English File Intermediate seems good to me...
If I were you I would try some graded readers from a local library.
He should start with easy books (500-600 headwords) first and build up his skills.
First, read a (well-known) story, learn new words AND pronunciation and then listen.
Later the audiobooks only - such as these FREE  433 Readers.
He should choose easy audiobooks with a story he knows already!
Elementary/Pre-intermediate level would do him good.
433 Readers - FREE Graded Audiobooks from PUBLISHERS


- try ESO3- ESO4 or Bachilerato 1

ELI READERS - try Teen /Adult - audiobooks:


BLACK CAT "Earlyreads" - try level 5 - PINK:
or there are a few factfiles audiobooks from BlackCat:

Heinle - - try LEVEL 1-2 - Heinle:
Choose level - scroll down + click the black Go button
Click on the cover of the book (twice - so that the website refreshes and the download button appears)
Click the blue "Free MP3 downloads" button

(pre)-intermediate - Macmillan - try "Explorers 4-5-6":

9 free Egmont Readers - Kidnapped, Stolen Monkey, Bank Job, Devil for Sale, Football Friends, Horror Trip, Luke, Scary Chatroom - 650 or 1200 headwords

Compass readers - pre-int - adv - try level 1-3 (or YoungL-5):

9 Apr 2012     


OH WOW!!!! Thanks so much for such helpful answers!!!!

I īll see these books and decide.

I was having a look at GLOBAL by Cambridge...has anybody used this book??

9 Apr 2012