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White/Smart Board materials

United States

White/Smart Board materials
A while back many shared their experiences working with   white or smart boards.
I find starting from scratch a real pain.

I �ve made so many worksheets, but don �t have time or the energy to make Smart board materials with links, pictures and what not.

Because the smart board has become popular in many countries, it might be an idea to have a Smart board category here.  What do you think?Approve

How many of you have made materials and how did you make them?


12 Apr 2012      


I like your idea!!!! We use Mimio here, in our center. Which one do you use??

12 Apr 2012     


I/we �ve used smart boards for about 6 years now.
I have loads of material - �homemade � and material I �ve found at different places,
The smart exchange site which someone mentioned a few days ago is a good place to find inspiration

12 Apr 2012     


We also use smart boards. It would be a great idea to have a place for them here.

13 Apr 2012     


Yes please. I have asked for this before ..so glad to have someone else on board!

13 Apr 2012     


Yes, also interested.
I use Hitachi star board.

13 Apr 2012     

carme sammut

I enjoy using Topmarks interactive whiteboard resources but it would be just great sharing such a resource with you as well.
I have promethean, Starboard and Hitachy.
best regards

13 Apr 2012     

Greek Professor

I know exactly how you feel....we started from scratch...we have been using them for the last 4 years...
I have done so much homemade work...and have spent alot of time doing it..as there hadn �t been  much software for the older kids....just the little ones...just recently they have made IWB work upto upper intermediate...so i still do work for the much older kids...it is alot of work...as you do need to animate it in general...but it is all worth it in the end..we also have a response system (clickers)...where i have to prepare extra work as there is not very much for the older kids...anyway...we use smart boards as it gets the kids moving about and mimio...
so good luck...if u need info just buzz...

13 Apr 2012     


I totally agree with the idea !

13 Apr 2012     


I thought people mainly used ppts as self-made materials for smart boards and some DVD-ROMs which go with textbooks. So, please, enlighten me on that marvelous software you �re talking about, I �d like to explore it.

13 Apr 2012     


I am an Italian teacher and I teach English in my class. I am using the smarrt board. I have prepared various activities. In the gallery there are many examples of activities. If you want I can send to your e-mail some of my English works. I think It would be a great idea to have a place for them here.

13 Apr 2012     

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