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Teaching for a Business English Exam


Teaching for a Business English Exam
Hello Everyone,
I īve accepted a class teaching German young people the "Kaufsmans test". It is a Business English Test at B2-C1.  It is a hard test.  I have practice tests, but of course I have to give vocabulary and grammar practice too.  It just feels a little daunting.  I guess I need some handholding.  Does any one have any experience teaching for test? Can you tell me what your strategy is or would be?  The test is in December so we have plenty of time.  I īm just feeling overwhelmed because I īve never taught this kind of class before.  There are 2 students in the class and I would say their English is BI, or Intermediate.  The test is definitely Upper Intermediate to Advanced.
Thanks in Advance,

30 Apr 2012      

Czech Republic

Hi Belles,
They will surely need a lot of practice.
Try Cambridge BEC tests - BEC Pre-intermediate, BEC Vangate (interm.) and BEC Higher (upper-int.).
Try your local library or second-hand bookshops (or on-line sales) even the old tests (2000) are handy... The practice tests usually come with the key, notes and audioscripts, and CDs...
Try books by Jake Allsop, Vanessa Jakeman for example, Pass Cambridge BEC or the old practice tests...
Your students will certainly have to work hard to pass those tests... It is not easy to "jump" from intermediate to higher upper-intermediate in couple of months.
(It might take quite a short time to become intermediate but there is a huge difference between intermediate (B1) and upper-intermediate/advanced (C1) as you can probably remember - wide range vocabulary, grammar, business phrases, writing etc...). In my opinion it might take a year of intensive (everyday) studies...

30 Apr 2012