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ESL forum > Teaching material > How do you use the Pictionary Boards?    

How do you use the Pictionary Boards?


How do you use the Pictionary Boards?
Hi, I notice that there are so many pictionary downloads with a rows of vocabulary and their matching pictures. How do you use this in your classroom? Do the students guess the words they know or do they take turns? I just can �t get them motivated with the pictionary boards...

Thanks so much and happy teaching! 

4 May 2012      


Hello, Lippy_Madrid!
I usually use pictionary boards at the beginning of a new lesson to introduce the vocabulary that my students will need for the rest of the lesson (I simply hate it when they stop every 5 seconds to say �Excuse me, what �s the English for ...? � LOL If we do something on hobbies without revising or introducing the vocabulary, I usually get something like: �I like ... Excuse me, what �s the English for ...?, and I love ... Excuse me, what �s the English for ...? But I hate ..., Excuse me, what �s the English for ...? � LOL)
I have observed that weak students tend to like this type of activity because they can do it. But I must say that the fact that one English word out of three comes from a French word helps a lot! There are lots of similarities in the two languages.
So I usually give them a few minutes to complete the worksheet. Then we correct it and here is what I do (and I think it is the most interesting part): I tell my students to say complete sentences. If they are sure of the answer, they must say �It is the verb / adjective ..... If they are not sure, they must ask a question: �Is it the verb / adjective ...? � (It is so difficult for French students to ask questions!) You can also think of some expressions like �Perhaps ... �, �Maybe ... �, �It is probably ..., �I think it is ... �, etc. Students who are not confident feel reassured. Wink They know they are here to learn!
Most of the time they get 75% of the correct answers. I tell them that they must then focus on the 25% that they did not get correctly (usually the words that are typically English and that we don�t have in French). You can ask your students how many words they guessed correctly! You can also ask them how they found the words. Usually, I get answers like: �Well, in a video game,  the character says ...� or �On this sign you can read ...�. Students make quick connections. 
Of course my students are likely to mispronounce the words. But if they looked up the words in a dictionary, they would mispronounce them too. So I correct their pronunciation immediately, and we repeat the new words a lot. After a while, they start to notice a few things, like the pronunciation of the ending �-tion�, or �-ism�, or the letter �i�, etc. I do lots of games afterwards to help them memorize the vocabulary.
Thanks a lot for your post! I think we don�t talk a lot about HOW we teach.

4 May 2012     


Thanks for your great post French Frog. Really helpful and a great insight into another teacher �s classroom. I �ll have a go with those ideas here in Spain. Have a lovely day!

4 May 2012     


Great ideas, thanks for sharing Frenchfrog.

4 May 2012     


Great idea French Frog .

As you said "I think we don�t talk a lot about HOW we teach."

 How about suggest the owner  of the site to create a link HOW TO,  or Practices ideas, where the group could post ideas of practices that were tested in the classroom and worked fine. Since we have the template link , this link could be have  a standard form and the teachers fill it in . Just a thought ... because sometimes these threads got lost on the forum, I mean sometimes there are too many posts that when we come here it has already gone from the main page and we don �t read . 

4 May 2012     

Mariethe House

Lili: if you want to follow a thread , just click on "subscribe to this thread " and it will open first the next time you open the site.
next time, just go to the left column: what�s hot? and click on " my followed topics" and you will be able to access all your subscibed posts.

Frenchfrog: I agree with you. A worksheet would mean more if we explained the warm up and the follow up work and eventually homework that goes with it. Nice to see you. Hope you�re fine.Smile

4 May 2012