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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > possility and probability    

possility and probability


possility and probability

4 May 2012      

United States

I will assume that you mean possibility and probability, and that you want to know the difference. The difference is how likely an occurrence is. A possibility is something that has a small chance of happening but is not very likely. For example, it is a posssibility that I may be in a car accident today. The likelihood is somewhere around 0.0001%, but it could happen. A probability is something that is more likely to happen than not. My car shows less than a quarter tank of gas. If I don �t buy gasoline, it is a probability that I will run out in an inconvenient place. It is more likely that I would run out a long distance from a gas station than right in front of it.

4 May 2012     


In my personal opinion and trying to summarize what I`ve read.

POSSIBILITY =     sth may happen or may NOT happen

PROBABILITY =    I feel free to use numbers in my mind (0-100) to express sth is VERY or LESS probable to happen

Well, this is the way I explain it to my ss.
Hope this can be of any help

4 May 2012