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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > art: lesson idea    

art: lesson idea

Vanessa G L

art: lesson idea
hello everybody. i need to do some lessons about famous pictures, art and so on. does enybody have any idea?
many thanks in advance

7 Jan 2009      


Have a look here:

7 Jan 2009     


It really depends on what age level your are dealing with and what type of picture.
For example if they are fairly high level,  I would show a picture of "The Mona Lisa" and tell them that she is famous for her smile.  Have them write-   a story which explains why she sat for that picture with a smile in her face.
Show the picture "The Scream" by Munch, and have your pupils write why they think the  person is screaming.
You can show 2 pictures and have your pupils compare them using comparatives and superlatives.
You can have pupils write what happens next after looking at a picture. 
Show them an old picture of people and ask them how their life was  different from ours? etc. 
  It all depends on what picture you choose and what your aim is.
Hope this helps.

7 Jan 2009     


I found these two sites:
I don�t know if they can help you!

7 Jan 2009     


Well done, frenfrog!!!!

7 Jan 2009     



7 Jan 2009     


I can see you like Van Gogh. There is a great Power point presentation on this site.

7 Jan 2009     

United States

I learned alot about famous paintungs through thre game" Masterpiece".  Maybe you could do something with that 

7 Jan 2009