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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > in water or in the water?    

in water or in the water?


in water or in the water?
hi guys
 i need your help coz there is a quarrel  between me and my friends for this sentence :
What is the biggest animal in water/ in the water?
so which one is correct? thanks in advanced

5 May 2012      

United States

"in the water" is the correct choice.
Also, it should be "thanks in advance"

5 May 2012     


both options  can be used, but it depends.
Mostly the article  is used.

6 May 2012     

United States

I agree with alexziaa.    What is the biggest animal that lives in water?   Would work for me.  I stumbled a bit when I read yanogator s response.  Not that he isn t correct.  It s just that the question needed to be changed a bit and I too would have said the same at first but then again I have never heard anyone ask the question, "what is the biggest animal in water."
Looking at a pond or some body of water.  I would say, "what is the biggest animal in the water."  subsitute water for sea.    

6 May 2012     


 In terms of speaking, it can be accepted. As you know, we constantly break the rules when we chat, specialy the native speakers. On the other hand, in a writing situation, the article must be used before common nouns. We do not use it before proper nouns (although there are a few exceptions).

6 May 2012     


what about this one? 

6 May 2012     

United States

The book is correct.

7 May 2012