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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Do subjects at school go with Capital letters?    

Do subjects at school go with Capital letters?


Do subjects at school go with Capital letters?
Hi teachers,
I have a doubt today!
I always thought that subjects in English go with capital letters, as the months and the days of the week. But I īve come across a text in a text book where they are not in capital letters, and now I īm not sure...
Can anybody help me?

8 May 2012      


I don īt remember if I read this in a Teacher īs book, but you don īt need to write subjects using capital letters except for languages. E.g. Chinese, English, Italian but maths, science, etc

8 May 2012     


Thank you for your help about Languages. That thing is for sure! But I īm still wondering about the rest... In the textbook when you read a sentence, it īs with capital letters... and still I don īt know what is correct according to spelling...Confused

8 May 2012     

United Kingdom

I think jpinero is right about the rules, but I īve noticed that more and more people are writing them all with capitals. Maybe this is because when you see subjects written down, it īs often as just a single word, above classroom doors and so on, so they have the capital, then, people write them wtih the capital in other contexts.

8 May 2012     


Hi there everybody!
I have just come acrossed with this link regarding the use of capital letters. It might be useful:

8 May 2012     


Thank you everybody!!
Here there is another link I īve found:
It refers to all the uses as well as the ones you said in your link, and it seems that it all depends of the noun they come from.
English comes from England.
Portuguese comes from Portugal.
and so on, that īs why all the languages and nationalities are capitalised.
But all the rest, only if they come from a NOUN.
Thank you all for your support!
It will be a bit difficult for little kids... I īll try to do my best so they don īt commit the same mistakes with this topic as I īve been doing so far...
Have a nice week!

8 May 2012