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Online learning platform


Online learning platform
Hello All,
I have a intermediate student who I will be teaching remotely, because of her working schedule.  Is there a good platform that learners and teachers can share, where you can see their progress and work, and make assignments?  I know these things exist, however I īve never used one.  Which ones would you guys suggest.  It īs only for this one student.
Warmest regards,

12 May 2012      


how about wikispaces?
or edublogs?
btw you could use our oes for that http://englishexercises.org/ as well.
I sometimes chat with my ss in gmail.

12 May 2012     

Nina Pizzo

Have you tried Google Docs? You just need a gmail account, which is free. You can create a document and then share it with your student and enable editing. It allows interaction through chatting as well. A Google site or a blog from blogger.com are also good options but require a little more know-how. 

There īs also dropbox, which is very simple. You create a folder which you share with your student and where both of you upload your documents.

I hope this helps.Smile

Edit: And, of course!, how could I forget?! Wallwisher is great and really user friendly!

12 May 2012     


We use Edmodo.Itīs a safe way to connect and collaborate. You can send your students contents, assignments and grade them.
The students do not need an e-mail account. Students, teachers and parents may register for free.
Itīs very useful for us. Hope it is for you too.

12 May 2012     

Nina Pizzo

@Eva, thank you for your suggestion! Edmodo seems excellet!

12 May 2012     


Oh Nina, You are very welcome!
Glad it works for you!!!
Greetings, eva

12 May 2012