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Interactive White Board (IWB)

Fabiola Salinas

Interactive White Board (IWB)
Hi everyone!!! I just wanted to ask you if you know of any nice or interesting tutorial I can read or watch, with tips, ideas or suggestions on how to work with Interactive White Boards. At school they have just bought some... and I feel a bit thrilled and scared, as I there is so much to do...
Looking forward for your answer!!!! Love! Fabiola Smile

28 May 2012      


Check YouTube for tips on smartboards.

Most mainstream publishers for esl now have textbooks with software for smartboards to go with (have to say they are expensive though) which also have a guide for teachers.

You could also use different ppt games from here with your smartboard 


28 May 2012     


Hi Fabiola,

It would be better if you knew what kind (brand) of IWB you have because they are various and probably differ a little. I have a Promethean IWB at school and I use this site http://www.prometheanplanet.com/en/ Check the Support page for tutorials and help.

For a Smart board check this site http://smarttech.com/SmartBoard

28 May 2012     


Interactive White Boards are user friendly like computers, I realized that the more you use them the more you learn

28 May 2012