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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Ideas for Icebreakers    

Ideas for Icebreakers

United States

Ideas for Icebreakers
Hi Everyone-

As I am preparing for a new semester (we work 12 weeks on, 6 weeks off, which is very hard on the pocketbook!) I am searching for new ideas on what to do for the first day of class. I have usually done the "Toilet Paper Game" with my advanced students, (I pass out a roll of toilet paper, they take as many squares as they like, after everyone some, I tell them that the number of squares they have, is the number of information facts about themselves they have to give.), and I do the "Wanted Poster" with my intermediates. This has gotten old.

I am in need of some new ideas, and have googled several times, but I am interested in what you all do- again, I teach adults, so for those that teach upper aged kids, or if you have something that can be done for any age, I would love to hear your input.

Thanks in advance,
Miss ESL

8 Jan 2009      

New Zealand

Recently I remember seeing a couple of printables with pages of tried and tested games for classes. However I cannot remember who or when. Maybe a search for "games" might unearth something?

edit: try this link


this member had heaps of games.

8 Jan 2009     

United States

Here�s one I have used successfully in the past (for intermedate to advanced):
1) give each student a sheet of flipchart paper.
2)  Have them divide the paper into three (four) sections and label the sections "who I am", "who I want to be", and "my strengths".  The optional fourth section can either be "my weaknesses" or "something funny/interesting about me"  
3) Have students draw pictures (words are not allowed!) in each section showing who they are, etc.
4) Have students present their pictures and explain each section to the class
(alternative: have students attempt to interpret other students� drawings
Good luck, sorry if this is a little late,

12 Jan 2009     


Hey!, this is what I�ve done. everyone grabs a piece of paper and they paste that piece of paper in  their back(with tape). They walk around the class and write questions on other students back. When they�ve written some question you ask someone to pass to the front and answer those questions in front of the group.

14 Jan 2009