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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Problems with relative clauses    

Problems with relative clauses


Problems with relative clauses

A friend of mine is writing an essay about the problems that may occur when teaching "relative clauses". I mean, what are the main difficulties of the students when learning this topic? What do you think?

She has already some ideas, but is lacking some more.

The ideas she has already:
1- Difference between defining/non-defining;
2- Agreement with antecedents;
3- When to omit the relative;
4-  The use with prepositions (eg. do you say "This is the room in which I was born" or "This is the room that I was born in?" /
"He was respected by the people he worked with" or "He was respected by the people with whom he worked?" - the difference may confuse students).

I appreciate any more ideas you may have. :)


28 May 2012      


I think you �ll find all what you need with details and examples in many good grammar books. �Practical English Grammar � is one of them.These books are used by teachers as reference books and by university students.They are of great importance!!
I can send you some if you want.Here �s my e-mail:
[email protected]

28 May 2012     


I would also suggest punctuation as it doesn �t always coincide with the native language and is therefore ambiguous (at least it �s true for Ukrainian) 

Could common mistakes help your friend?


29 May 2012