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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    



i am from India and have recently started teaching in an English Institute.
the problem that i am facing is related to a low beginners class.
Now this student doesnt know English at all and prefers using his mother tongue
he needs practice in basic words even
what i want to ask is that what should be the strategy for teaching such a student
how can i make him talk? 

29 May 2012      


try to use as much english as possible
using native language is not illegal
not bad if he mixes both languages
videos with english subtitles
songs he likes in english language
also this type of people who say nothing in L2 are usually low confidence in speaking and they are selfish characters so each time he speaks english don īt immediately correct him... or at least in the beginning let him make mistakes and just correct 1-3 mistakes each time...
from my own experience these type of students suddenly one day they start talking as soon as they feel they have enough lexicon to use... they don īt like making mistakes or the worse being corrected.
So give him new words with examples to learn 
It īs a difficult situation i can feel ya....

29 May 2012     


I always begin with vocabulary, show them flash cards first, then play domino memos, lottery...
Then begin to structure. It really works with my SS. I think they donīt say an english word cause they donīt know.
Good luck!!!

29 May 2012     


Besides the flash, memos, lottery, etc. to help them lear vocabulary, you can find some pictionaries, they are very usual.
Last night I upload some american - british bookmarks pictionaries but I canīt see them yet. May be later.
This site has a lot of good stuff, I hope you will help your ss.

29 May 2012     


lyny and  Panteleimon: THanks so much you have been a big help.................

2 Jun 2012