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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > How to Learn the Alphabet for Kindergarten Children    

How to Learn the Alphabet for Kindergarten Children


How to Learn the Alphabet for Kindergarten Children
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Sing the alphabet song with your child several times a day. One of the best ways to learn any pattern is through music and melody. The alphabet song encourages children to remember the letters of the alphabet through a specific melody. This melody is easily memorized and solidifies the letters and their order in the child �s mind.

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Create a "letter of the day" routine. Place a piece of paper or board where it is visible to your child on a daily basis. Each day, write a different letter in upper- and lowercase on the board. Review the letter with your child. Mention some words that the letter begins with. Ask your child to point out every time he sees the letter or hears it. This activity helps your child to be aware of the sounds the letter makes and recognize what it looks like.

    • 3

Play with alphabet flashcards daily. Alphabet flashcards have one letter and a picture of something that stars with that letter. Ask your child to say the name of the letter based on the image. For example, if the card has a picture of a baby, sound out the word "baby," emphasizing the initial "B" sound. Alphabet flashcards help your child recognize the letter, its sound and help her mind make correlations between that letter and objects around her.

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Print out writing worksheets, which can be found online for free. Help your child to write out letters on the designated lines. Worksheets provide space for the child to write the letter several times in upper- and lowercase and even cursive. Writing the letter helps him become familiar with it, recognize it and reproduce it.

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Read books out loud to your child while she follows along with the words. Reading stories out loud is very beneficial for her comprehension development. As you read the words, ask her to point out the letters she recognizes. Stories help children become more comfortable with the way letters sound and how they form words.

7 Jun 2012      


The best result I �ve seen is when I use pictograms, a word I use to describe letters or words drawn as pictures, like this one. It �s a memory trick that always works and helps Ss visualize the shape of the letter easily. Crafts are also a great Mnemonic Technique!
Greetings from Greece,

7 Jun 2012