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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Funny, interesting project ideas for fast learners?    

Funny, interesting project ideas for fast learners?


Funny, interesting project ideas for fast learners?
In my classes of 14-16-year-olds I have some students who have much better English skills than the rest of the class they belong to. I want to give these students a/some project(s) which they can work with as "in-depth studies", something interesting and maybe a bit funny. The project does of course need to end up with a grade based on a written or a kind of oral presentation.

Hope you understand what I mean. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks for answering! 

7 Jun 2012      

United States

How about an internet "scavenger hunt"?

Give them a list of (rather unusual) topics they should report on. 
For example:
 "tell us something about the childhood of a man with a beard that was born in Canada before 1875".
"Explain the message/meaning of any 70s song that was a "one-hit wonder".
"Tell us about a product that is marketed under different names in the Uk, Australia, and the USA."
"Do a presentation on 10 things you can do with a cactus."

7 Jun 2012     


Or better yet a webquest:)
If you �re wondering how to make one here �s a webquest about webquests from one of our members  http://webquestingquest.wordpress.com/ 

Have a look at a very simple webquest by me, it could give you ideas how to plan your project http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=477086#thetop 
You could make something more authentic or cross-curriculum.


7 Jun 2012     


Thanks for the tip. I have yet to try the webquest, but it seems interesting.

All suggestions are good suggestions! :) 

Other people with suggestions?!?

Thanks in advance! :)

20 Feb 2013