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Ordering Files and Worksheets


Ordering Files and Worksheets
Hello Everyone,
I �m trying to think of a way to organize my classes.  I �ve tried putting worksheets into large binders, but they become ungainly and disorganized.  I �ve bought individual binders to try to find a way to organize classes at a micro level, but I have 15 classes, so this seems like a herculian task.  Can you tell me how you order your class materials, so that you can easily find them again.  I have files on the computer for individual classes and I do searches, but with so many worksheets and classes I easily forget what I have and so it �s not easy. 
Thanks in advance for responding to this topic.
Best regards,

7 Jun 2012      


This is my system, maybe it is helpful:
There are two parts to it.
First of all the hard copies of worksheets, those I put in ring folders in a closet reserved for my stuff.I organize all my worksheets by subject, not by grade. I have for example a folder for sheets about numbers which has sheets to learn the numbers up to ten as well as ordinal numbers and big numbers. Whenever I need to teach a certain subject, doesn �t matter which grade, I page through the folder to see what I have, what is appropriate for the level I need. I also have folders with holiday related activities, readings, boardgames, present simple, past tense, pronouns... etc. etc. etc. etc. (I have a lot of folders, it �s a big closet!  :) The only thing I really keep per grade is a folder with lesson plans. I find it very helpful to look through last year �s lesson plans when preparing classes. In that same closet I also have boxes for memory/card games, again per subject; clothes, verbs, animals etc.
The second part is the computer.
On the computer the division is by grade. After I click on a certain grade I get all the folders of subjects I teach there. So on my computer I will have a numbers folder under 4th grade as well as under 5th grade. (which is why I love my hard copy folders, which have all the material, since the strong 4th graders might get a sheet which is filed under 5th grade on the computer and the other way around.)
Even with thumbnails etc. I still find it easier to look through paper copies rather than open file after file....
Hope this was useful in some way...

7 Jun 2012     


 Thanks a lot Marion! Very useful clues to me too.

7 Jun 2012     


Thank you, Marion, great idea!
Kind regards,

7 Jun 2012     


Hi Annabelle,

This is how I �ve been organizing my files for the past few years and it works for me:

2011_2012 (in this folder I have all the documents I need for this school year - official school documents, students � information per grade, etc) 
DOCUMENTS (in this folder I keep documents from the previous years... we never know when we may need them again ; ))
ENGLISH_RESOURCES (in this folder I have esl teaching resources divided in different categories)
Now have a look at each of them:

2011_2012 (I have a folder for each grade where I keep lesson plans, an excel markbook and the resources used for each unit of work)

For instance, grade3 folder:


ENGLISH RESOURCES (I have four categories: board game/card games; posters; ppt games; worksheets)

In each category I have my resources organized by contents:

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


7 Jun 2012     


Thank you very much! Really helpful!

7 Jun 2012