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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > THE METAL SONG WORKED!!!!!!!! (Present Simple-3rd person singular)    

THE METAL SONG WORKED!!!!!!!! (Present Simple-3rd person singular)


THE METAL SONG WORKED!!!!!!!! (Present Simple-3rd person singular)
Hey dear pals from all over the world!!!! How are you doing? Well, I �m here to tell you something... Some days ago I posted a "kind of idea" I had to close a topic I �m teaching: "Present Simple --> 3rd person singular". As it �s a difficult topic, I wanted to do lots of activities, games, chants, activities talking about routines, etc.. 

So, when I finish a topic, or a "Unit" of a book, I like singing songs, and I told you that I really like to show Ss different kinds of music, like "reggae, rock, blues, pop, etc.." And this time, I wanted to use a "heavy metal" song but I didn �t dare... So well, I prepared a greek story "ICarus", so I downloaded different worksheets from here (which are really good! Thumbs Up), I downloaded a video from YouTube, I took a candle and feathers, we learned new vocabulary, and finally we did this activity with a song performed by the British band "IRON MAIDEN". I gotta tell you that IT REALLY WORKED!!

 My Ss are 9-10, they �re young, and they loved this song! So, if you �re interested you can check my worksheet out and try to do this activity http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=645650#thetop  Then, as a "hands-on" activity you can make your Ss draw Icarus and make his wings with feathers. Hope this is useful for you!                             
Thanks for your time to read this!

Hugs from Argentina!!!


10 Jun 2012      


Don �t use the forum to advertise your worksheets or other users � worksheets. (You can do it if another member asks for a specific content or topic).

the above is part of the rules and regulations of this site. I believe many of us had successfull lessons with worksheets we prepared (I would hope so at least) If everyone who had a good lesson would take it as a reason to advertise the sheet on the forum, the entire site would end up in the spam folder...
If you had a great lesson based on a sheet by someone else, you can drop that person a PM to say thanks (again, assuming you did that as well when you downloaded)
If you had a good lesson based on a sheet you prepared, upload it here and metion in the description that it worked well for you.
You can even upload your lesson plan if you feel it might be useful for someone!
(and if the lesson didn �t go well because the worksheet wasn �t a succes, don �t upload :)

11 Jun 2012     


Sorry, it wasn �t my intention to "advertise" my worksheet, just wanted to share it, I �m a bit bad when following rules! So I won �t do it never ever again, don �t worry! 

Just wanted to share it, I was really happy, I had many positive comments from other members but now I feel a bit sad because of this. Everything I do I do it wrongly.. I promise I will never ever advertise my worksheets or other members � worksheets. My intention here is to share, just that. Sorry again.

11 Jun 2012     


great idea!! thank you estefy!!! :)
and don �t say everything you do you do it wrongly.. we know you don �t
thnks again :D

13 Jun 2012