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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Verb Tenses    

Verb Tenses

New Zealand

Verb Tenses
Just a wondering type question... Most of the verb tenses charts that I have seen around here and on various web pages  list the verb tenses in chart form.

I have only seen one that was set out on a time line (with all the examples) which I thought was great because it gives you such a great visual cue....

So my question is: Is it ok to change around the ORDER of the tenses in a tense chart so that at the top it starts with the the past forms and works its way down the chart to the future tenses?

Many of these charts START with the present forms moving to past then the future....
But logically in my head I don�t think that way when I am figuring something out...

I am new to ESL and I don�t know if having the charts with the present forms first are done that way because that�s the best way to refer and teach it... or??????

I just want to make something that is an effective learning tool based on a time line, (I am a very visual learner myself) But I don�t want to do it if it is the "wrong" way to approach it :-)

9 Jan 2009      

alien boy

The beauty of charts is that you can rearrange them!

One of the most interesting things about education is that people learn in so many different ways. So, of course there�s no rule to say the ONLY way grammar charts work is present/past/future or present/future/past. If it works smoothly for you & your students, then its the right way to do it. It would certainly be really useful as a reminder to students who have been introduced to each of the tenses (not to mention some new teachers who may need a handy reference).

I like the �time line� approach you�re talking about cheezels. You should put it in your book when you get it perfected - & let me have a look at it to!

I certainly encourage you to think outside the square (or chart as the case may be!)

Cheers Thumbs Up

9 Jan 2009     

New Zealand

Thank you! I was a little worried because next to ALL the charts are arranged in a certain way.. and to my thinking it would be more logical to be on a time line progression!!! The time line/chart I want to make  is for my english classes that are coming up.

*(The book will be in Swedish with english cues for the newly arrived person to Sweden learning Swedish, as there are little to no good basic resources, and as a teacher I sat in class as a student floundering as there was no context or vocabulary reference point.... I have not done anything for a while on it as I am still having a style crisis) I need to find my mojo.... I think once I start working a bit more in Feb and the creative juices start to bounce back it will start to flow again... right now I have hit the proverbial brick wall when it comes to actually finishing the thing!


Thanks for your help!!!!

9 Jan 2009