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Using cards


Using cards
Dear all,
I want to know some techniques for using cards (maybe index cards or small ones) in teaching different skills.
Once I read about a teacher who said that she can do everything with just a bunch of cards. Actually I am curious to know how to do this.
If you have any idea, please share it here.
Thanks in advance.

5 Jul 2012      


Hello How are you? I hope you are well. I have read your post about using cards you can do many things with them,you can use them for matching exercises about everything you decide verbs adjectives structures etc.I hope this can help you. Bego�a

5 Jul 2012     

United States

You can
play memory games
Have two or more students discuss the picture
Write a story about the picture
Make a play or sketch about the picture
Use it for teaching grammar
Play bingo

There are endless possibilities - just use you imagination and let the kids do the rest!

5 Jul 2012     


Well i �m not an expert but you can basically do a lot with simple flashcards. for example, my teacher in the preparation course had just a set of numbers with the ones she made the students play:
Tic tac Toe
and a fast game in pairs where a student showed to anouther the numbers and he had to tell them, this actually helps a lot to check students spelling and when it was too easy to them two cifre numbers and then three... and so on... as well you can use the flascards to play memory games, or decorate the classroom,
and when you teach really small children you can paste them around the classroom and make them run to the figures, they love that :D
Hope i helped 
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does anyone knows what i have to do to download stuff... i mean i just discovered this page and i need a lesson plan for USED TO, but i can �t download neither upload stuff...

5 Jul 2012     


Search for the ideas in the site bank, I remember I used the following games with a great success: http://www.eslprintables.com/grammar_worksheets/questions/questions_games/Questions_Game_202937/#thetop 


but of course there are many more... but I don �t have enough time to search now.... good luck...


6 Jul 2012