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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Kinaesthetic activities    

Kinaesthetic activities

United Kingdom

Kinaesthetic activities
I observed a great lesson today. My colleague was teaching past time - yesterday, this morning, two hours ago etc. She drew an imaginary line and the ss had to step back one, two or three paces etc, depending on the time. For example, �Last night, sleeping �. They stepped back and mimed sleeping. Then she said, �This morning, get up � and she mimed an alarm. They moved forward, yawned, stretched etc. I loved the fact that she had them acting out the actions. She did the same when she was teaching items of clothing. �Put your shirt on � Now your shoes � etc and they mimed the actions. Just thought I �d share! Well, I wonder if anyone else has ideas for this kind of kinaesthetic activity? How far can you go with it?

6 Jul 2012      

teacher jessie

To review spelling or any item of vocabulary, Sts are to work in pairs,  St A "writes" with his/her finger on his/her friend �s back. St B has to guess the word. Then they do it viceversa. It �s great fun.
If want to turn it more competitive you can have groups in rows. One St writes on the other �s back, until they get the St at the end of the row, that St has to write the word on the board. The first one is the winner!

6 Jul 2012     


I like the game where  all but one person in class has a flashcard with words or pictures or punctuation on it and the  person who is �it � tries to arrange the people at the front of the class so that the cards make a correct sentence.

 Greetings from Greece,


6 Jul 2012     

United Kingdom

Thank you teacher jessie, I think that �s a great idea. Thank you also papadeli, the link is great and I will be passing it on to my colleagues. 

7 Jul 2012