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Special education students


Special education students
Hi friends,
Need your help.
 This year we �ll teach  English as a foreign language to a very small group with special needs children (8 years old). Any Idea where I can find some very easy worksheets for them?(we don�t need to teach reading) Or how to teach? What to teach?
Have a lovely day
Orly  Disapprove

1 Sep 2012      

United Kingdom

Please please first of all never refer to them in English as retarded.  This word is extremely offensive in English.  They have learning difficulties.  These type of children respond better to games such as Bingo.  If you aren �t teaching them to read in English then worksheets will be difficult unless they are picture based.

1 Sep 2012     


How many pupils in a group?

1 Sep 2012     


Why don �t you use the book The Easy Way (1,2,3)??

If they know to read you can always use the red reader/blue/green depends on their level of English OR use the compute in your lessons... They can watch shows in English such as Candy Can Do It (you can find it on my site along with worksheets) and also simple and enjoyable games :)

1 Sep 2012     


In my opinion you should not start with a book, it is too early if they are special ed kids, I sent you an email , there are loads of links there. I also have lots of flash cards and ideas. The idea of a lot of repetition is necessary in many ways, like subjects. It will be easier for you and them.
Love, Marsha

1 Sep 2012     


Too difficult for them but - Thank You for trying to help.

1 Sep 2012     


@ Ellakass: thanks for the link! Looks great!

Thumbs Up

1 Sep 2012     

United Kingdom

Orly, that sounds like a difficult task! You will need lots of pictures! Start with something which may interest them - what about animals? Start up a wall frieze, with lots of trees, the sky and a river. Have them colour in pictures of different animals, stick them on and learn the names and the colours/sizes? Just an idea! You got the terminology absolutely right, btw - children with special needs. Good luck!

1 Sep 2012     

Russian Federation

 Orly, if on some level you �ll want to teach them to read I guess �Remedial Reading Drills - Margin � will suit you best. 


1 Sep 2012     



xani and evelinamaria often design worksheets for students with special educational needs. Have a look at their profiles.

A big hug,


1 Sep 2012     


Dear Orly, 
In order to  succeed with a group of kids with special needs you should teach small quantities of new information and as said by others REPEAT, REPEAT and again REPEAT in as many creative ways as you can come up with!
Your life will be easier if you teach around topics and Google for workpages on that specific topics.This will allow you to repeat  the vocabulary in many different ways.
The level you could look for is preschool and first grade and I want to suggest you look at materials for homeschooling as they often fit the level and needs of our special education kids.
Here are only two sites as examples


2 Sep 2012     

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