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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Help me please!!!    

Help me please!!!


Help me please!!!
Hi everyone!

I need your guy ´s help. I have an advanced private student that has some fluency problems. He is able to make himself clear , hold a conversation,he has a large vocabulary and he also understands what ´s being said but  still hangs at the time to speak English.
What should I do in order to help him? 

Thanks !

16 Sep 2012      


What do you mean by "hangs at the time to speak English" anyway?

16 Sep 2012     


I meant, he can ´t speak it fluently, the conversation doesn ´t flow.

What should I do?

18 Sep 2012     

United States

Are the conversation gaps because he is thinking about what to say?  If the problem is just thinking time try teaching conversation filler words like (um, let me think, let ´s see, well, etc.) to at least buy him a little time to prepare what he wants to say.  Also learning key phrases or question phrases that engage the other speaker to continue where he falls shorts might help.  (Oh really?  What happened next?  How did that make you feel? etc.)

If the class continually revolves around speaking, he will naturally get faster little by little.

How is he when speaking in your native language?  If he doesn ´t talk much in general, it might be because he isn ´t very sociable.  Sometimes that is a personality trait that one must overcome.

Some ways might be to find a topic that is exciting for him, that he cannot resist opening up about.  Or even practicing good speaking skills in your native language like giving speeches or presentations might help.  If he can overcome shyness in his native language, it will be easier to overcome it in English.

19 Sep 2012     


Oh Thanks a bunch for the tips but he is very outgoing, sociable  and talks a lot.
He is a manager and need to prepare himself to a job inteview, so that ´s what we ´ve been taking about so far, sometimes I change subject in order not to get bored about the same subject.

The thing is, he can express himself well, but not fluently , he told me that he feels "blocked", words fail.

20 Sep 2012