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Hello dear ESL Printables friends! How are you?
I would like to know which book have you adopted to teach your students?Are you happy with the material that you use it? I īm just curious Smile
Where I work we use Interchange, I like it...

I hope you all have a wonderful week Smile

17 Sep 2012      

manonski (f)


I don īt use any books or manuals. I make my own material and I also prepare some with the great network of teachers of my schoolboard.

Have a great week too!

17 Sep 2012     


Dear Mirelli,

The best book where I work is Traveller itīs awesome you īve AMe version too

17 Sep 2012     


Hi,   I have worked with several different books and am currently working with the World English Series. I find that it has just the right amount of listening, vocab, writing,  reading, and even a video to watch at the end of each unit. The only thing that I don`t like is that the lesson structures are very repetitive.

17 Sep 2012     


I use interchange too but I think the exercises to practise the grammar are very brief and and a lot of other supplemental material is required for any of it to stick. (Hence my visits here!)

17 Sep 2012     


Hi!!! At school I usually don īt addopt, even the ones the state has sent this year, I use them sometimes, but depoend of the group, because most of them just can follow the activities, they īre complex for them!! I have a small cprivate course where I use Smart choice- by Oxford. Ithink they īre excellent, and they have four levels which are very well explained and have the most important contents to study, with suggestions of activities and different things to do. But if your students have a very basic level, it īs complicated, because they find difficult everything, so try little by little to introduce vocabulary and after decide for some important chapters in some book. Hope it helps you!!!!

17 Sep 2012     


I agree with  jmthomas whem you said grammar exercises on Interchange are brief.

I admire the teachers that make their own books and activities, even some workseets that are posted here for us to download! I īm not that creative, It īs been over 4 years that I īm a member and I can īt find the templates or pictures to paste on the activity. 

Thanks guys for your messages, I still wanna hear from you!

18 Sep 2012     


http://www.starfall.com/n/level-c/plays/load.htm?f you can use th!s books from starfall.com

18 Sep 2012