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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Teaching adult esl beginners    

Teaching adult esl beginners


Teaching adult esl beginners
Hi All,
Iīve a new bunch of adult mexican beginners two of whom are around 40-45...
This is the first time Iīm dealing with Mexicans and donīt have a clue how to handle them...Also, their pronunciation is awful...
Usually in my initial few classes I get to know the student well and then start on with the teaching...however in this case i donīt know how to do it...
Should I start with basic sentences directly with a Spanish translation or is it a better idea to give them basic words and sentence constructions first....
pls advise.....

14 Jan 2009      

United States

I would start with a round of who they are, where they come from and what they do - in English - that way you get to know them and they speak English.
Help them along the way, but donīt correct them too much.
They are adults and deserve respect.
Remember that no adult likes to lose face in front of others.
Speak slowly and clearly without sounding like youīre speaking
down to them.
If you establish a good rapport with them from the beginning and also
tell them that itīs ok to make mistakes - then you just might have
a great time with these people who have chosen to use their
spare time learning English with you.

hope this helps

14 Jan 2009     

United States

Sounds like real good advice from libertybelle...probably the same way I would approach it.  I tend to have them answer the basic questions in English, but for true beginners I always do a "running" translation as I go around the room.  It also helps to provide a visual aide of how they should answer--even if they are just reading most of the sentence, they are still speaking English and internalizing basic sentence structure and vocabulary.

14 Jan 2009     


thanks a lot guys....
and yes i had a good class today..i did exactly as you say, i just let them be and got to know them in their broken language, i didnīt correct much and rather focused on how they say things (incorrecty)..this way i learnt their way of speaking and it helped me understand them and build a rapport...
this way i also understood the most important areas to be worked upon....
i also carried Spanish translations downloaded from this site and wrote them on the board...today was a basic class so they knew them but i guess it will be helpful in future...
thanks once again for your advise and the active contribution on this site....thanks

15 Jan 2009