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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Teaching Past Continuous    

Teaching Past Continuous


Teaching Past Continuous
Hi friends! I �m teaching a 9 years old boy who doesn �t know speak English very well. In fact, he doesn �t understand past continuous sentences. I �d like to have some EASY exercises, games or something like that to make his learning useful and fruitful because he �s also absentminded and it �s exasperating!! 

Thanks in advance for your help!


22 Sep 2012      


Hi Ana,
I just put the age and the level of your students in the searchbox on top of the forum and entered "past continuous" as key words and it gave me a lot of hits:
maybe you �ll find something useful....

22 Sep 2012     


Hi Ana,
Hope you find it useful

22 Sep 2012     


Games, film, worksheets
You can also use this kind of cards to help the child produce sentences
Teacher: What were you doing when you saw the cat?
Student : I was cooking.
I was cooking when I saw the cat
Greetings from Greece,

22 Sep 2012     


Thanks a lot for your help! The last idea is great, I was thinking about something similar with flashcards, but the problem is my student, He �s so lazy... 

Greetings from Spain.


22 Sep 2012