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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Contest (Sept. 24th, 2012)--revisited    

Caption Contest (Sept. 24th, 2012)--revisited

United States

Caption Contest (Sept. 24th, 2012)--revisited
So People,
One more time.  There have been a few funny captions so far, let ´s hear some more.
I ´ll announce a winner tomorrow,

25 Sep 2012      


How about a little dough, boy?

25 Sep 2012     


Man: Apple pie, tonight?
Woman: Not exactly! (whispering) The rolling pin is my favourite weapon!

25 Sep 2012     

United Kingdom

"Well, Martha, what shall I have today?  My usual´Hot Crumpet´?
Or are you just going to´Warm my Muffins´?"
"Oh, No, Sir!  I´m sorry, Sir!  It´s MY day off, Sir!
Today is´Solitary Salad´ --- Lettuce Alone!"

25 Sep 2012     


Man: You didn ´t have to hit my hand SO HARD! I only wanted to TOUCH to see if it was SOFT!
Woman: Yeah, right, but what you touched WAS NOT the dough, smart *** (don ´t know if it ´s appropiate to put the a __ __    word! LOL)

25 Sep 2012     

United Kingdom

The maid: I have a very good kneading technique, Cyril. I can make you putty in my hands.

The manservant: Oh, I say! You cheeky little minx. I ´m saving myself for marriage, thank you very much. Please restrict your manoeuvres to the pastry!  

25 Sep 2012     

manonski (f)

Guy: "You put your right foot in... you put your right foot out"...

Maid: "And you shake it all about"!

25 Sep 2012     


Mabel, are you up for some hanky panky?

I admit, Master, I do feel rather frisky.

25 Sep 2012     


@ PhilipR LOL

25 Sep 2012     

United States

and the winner is Estherlee76.
For her creative little play on the use of a a comma.
This wasn ´t an easy choíce--I really had a laugh on most of the inputs--I have to admit I haven ´t seen the "Crawley ´s" show, so I couldn ´t really evaluate that one. 
Thanks for playing!

26 Sep 2012