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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Contest Continues!    

Caption Contest Continues!

United States

Caption Contest Continues!
The Caption Contest isn t over just because it got pushed off! (See original contest here.) Here s the picture again:
I ll decide on the winner later this evening server time.

29 Sep 2012      

United Kingdom

On the subject of clocks, anyone seen this old favourite?

29 Sep 2012     


I WOULD GO WITHOUT watches then, i am not good at maths, or i would ask somebody to say the time. :)

29 Sep 2012     

Czech Republic

At the Humboldt University of Berlin:
Mr Einstein, excuse my being late for your lecture. Ive just returned from London and forgotten to alter the time on the watch you gave me as a present.

29 Sep 2012     


Believe it or not, this is actually a teaching aid for .... English teachers!
It visually demonstrates the importance of using previous knowledge and contextual reading when tackling a new, difficult text.
I use it all the time to show my students that you do not need to understand all the words in a text (represented by the equations) in order to understand what it is about.
One can use previous knowledge and context (the visual recognition of the clock, knowledge about the regular placement of the numbers in a clock and the meaning of the position of the short and long hand in a clock) to make up for missing information and still understand largely what you need to know.
Most of us trained readers use this skill all the time, and we have no real problem reading the time off this clock, even though at least some of us (ME INCLUDED) have no clue as to what the equations mean.

30 Sep 2012